Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay

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Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay

His ex-girlfriend Caitlin is taking the stand against him, accusing him of hitting her, and after being found guilty, he is sentenced to family violence classes and must write words a week in a journal.

Flinn wastes no time in getting right to it in this book. Nick comes across as an arrogant, full of himself teenager who doesn't want to admit that he has done something wrong which is why he ends up having to write a journal.

To begin with, I didn't like Nick at all and I wasn't sure that I was ever going to considering what his attitude in general was like. However, Breathing Underwater is narrated through Nick's voice and through the use of his journal which means we get to understand the events in both the present and the past.

I really enjoyed the way Flinn told the story as it meant that my opinions about Nick constantly changed. Although not a reason for hitting someone, we get to see how Nick's home life affects him and his decisions.

His father is a violent man and Nick never blames him for his own actions although he does begin to realise that certain genes are hereditary. Reading Nick's journal entries made it possible to see how he went from being completely in love with Caitlin, worshipping her, to being verbally and physically abuse towards her.

He beings to get possessive, not wanting her to be friends with certain people, not wanting her to dress in particular clothes and pretty much wanting her to do everything he says. We get to see just how horrible Nick is to Caitlin and how he never sees what he is doing to her.

Even when friends tell him he's being horrible to her, he shrugs it off and ignores them. These journal entries are mixed in with Nick's time at his violence classes. The teacher there, Mario, was a fantastic character and one who spoke a lot of sense.

Along with Nick, there are plenty of other guys in the class and over time, they have to learn to differences between right and wrong and to accept the way that they have behaved. The whole moral of this novel is to take responsibility for your actions and Flinn expresses that strongly.

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The classes and the journal take Nick out of his old situation and force him to look at what went wrong and what he could do to change his life. Overall, Breathing Underwater is a pretty emotional book and one which is quite hard to stomach at times.

Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay

However, I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to more from Alex Flinn.Review: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn Breathing UnderwaterBreathing Underwater by Alex Flinn is written as a series of journal entries.

The journal is written by Nick as an assignment from the judge who also sends him to anger management after the girlfriend he beat up finally presses charges.

When Alex Flinn was five, her mother informed her that she would be "an author" when she grew up. Never one to follow instructions, Alex studied theater and opera and became a lawyer before finally writing her first novel, Breathing Underwater.

Feb 13,  · "Breathing Underwater" by Alex Flinn **Spoilers!** Breathing Underwater is the story of Nick, a seemingly perfect and popular high school student who is charged with a restraining order on his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin.

Analysis of Fade To Black by Alex Flinn Essay; Analysis of Fade To Black by Alex Flinn Essay. Words 3 Pages. 1) The story takes place in Pinedale, Florida. Where a HIV-positive Pinedale High School student named Alejandro Crusan or Alex for short, was attacked while in his car.

Review: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn Breathing. Read Breathing Underwater free essay and over 88, other research documents.

Breathing Underwater. Breathing Underwater Notes LIFE OF THE AUTHOR Alex Flinn grew up in Syosset, New York, a small town on Long /5(1).

Breathing underwater by alex flinn essay

Breathing Underwater is a Young Adult novel by Alex Flinn.. Nick Andreas has received a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend Caitlin; he has to attend classes about domestic abuse and violence, along with about ten other men who have received similar sentences. reviews: Breathing Underwater