Cheerleading over time essay

I went, and as watched the football team I could not help but notice all the new cheerleaders. I was once a cheerleader at Denham Springs High. It was very important to me.

Cheerleading over time essay

It's nothing unusual for someone who spent their childhood twisting and tumbling through the air with little regard for human limitations.

But what is strange is that her ligament snapped like a twig in practice more than a year ago. Before Orangemen gave fans something to cheer about in the NCAA Tournament tiele game a year ago, the cheerleaders were the main attraction.

In 10 football games, 21 basketball games and countless public appearances since, she's gritted her teeth and played through the pain. And do everything you can to keep it stable," Bangaoil said, explaining a regimen that any sore-armed pitcher or gimpy-kneed offensive lineman might use.

So go ahead, tell Bangaoil that cheerleading isn't a sport. Tell her that the last year she spent downing Advil and bathing her knee in ice has been a waste. Instead, just tell Bangaoil what you really think -- that she's not an athlete.

That she's nothing more than a glorified sex object, there to smile, look pretty and entertain the men. And then watch out for her coach.

You can't just go out there and act stupid. It's a dangerous activity.

Cheerleading over time essay

And there's absolutely no way that if you did it for one day you wouldn't come back saying it's a sport. In July, the University of Maryland became the first Division I-A school to recognize competitive cheerleading as a varsity sport and count it toward the its Title IX requirements.

The move is one that drew praise from some, but criticism from others. At one end of the argument are coaches like Vehling, who points to the gruesome injuries, the long hours, the agonizing training and those ultra-intense competitions as proof that cheerleading is much more than a stage for the prettiest girls on campus to flash their bloomers.

But there are those who say that, at best, cheerleading is a school activity with gifted young athletes. They say that national cheerleading competitions, in which teams choreograph high-risk routines for high-pressure performances that are measured against those from other schools, aren't enough to make it a sport.

Included among them is some of their own, like Texas coach Jeff Dieta. The Cowboys' cheerleaders have become as recognizable as the team's players on the field. And we don't meet that definition," Dieta said.

The kids are athletic. It just doesn't fit the definition of a sport. We're more ambassadors for the school. She thinks cheerleading should be abolished. I realize it requires strength, stamina and balance," said Nelson, an author of five books, including "We're All Athletes.

It's quite embarrassing when I go to games with children and see how sexualized the routines have become. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, which oversees Title IX compliance, warned schools not to include "drill teams, cheerleaders and the like" as athletic programs to balance the books on Title IX.

But by consulting with the OCR and then splitting its cheerleading squad into two entities, the Terps were able to circumvent the edict.

The school now has two cheerleading teams: One a more traditional group that cheers at basketball and football games; the other a member team that performs only at intercollegiate cheerleading competitions.

That's the group that counts for Title IX. It receives the same benefits that are afforded to any other student-athlete, including scholarships, academic advisors, strength coaches, on-site trainers, locker rooms and media training. Head coach Lura Fleece said she answers 50 to 60 e-mails a week from high school cheerleaders inquiring about the Maryland program.

She's also heard from other coaches, cheerleaders and administrators interested in creating a similar program at their schools. Better than I ever expected," said Fleece, who sits in athletic department meetings alongside Gary Williams and Ralph Friedgen and even has her own recruiting budget.

Just because it makes sense. Today, competitive cheerleading is one of the fastest-growing activities in the country. More thanhigh school and college cheerleaders attend offseason All-Star camps to improve their skills. Twenty-two different states high school governing bodies recognize cheerleading as a varsity sport.

Bush has been blowing hot air to anyone who would listen since his prep days at Phillip Andover. Jackson, Ronald Regan and George W. Although appearance is still important -- UCLA, for example, has hair and makeup consultants -- today's cheerleaders say its more about who can out-perform the competition than who's dating the starting quarterback.Ask that of a football player, and he most definitely will whine.

It’s about time that people wise up and realize that cheerleaders and cheerleading are and is a sport.

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Cheerleading takes dedication, sweat, and tears just like any other sport would require. They are tired of . In reality cheerleading has changed in many ways over time. Cheerleading has changed socially, politically, intellectually, and economically.

Religion and technology have even been influenced in ways by the sport of cheerleading.

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May 16,  · This has been a constant debate, whether cheerleading is a sport or not. There is very valid evidence for both sides of the argument. As participation in cheerleading grew over time, new techniques and skills were added, until cheerleading became what it is today.

Meanwhile, the sport of Basketball invented in , also grew in popularity and became a major sport where cheerleading also continued to develop and prosper over the next years.

Change Over Time Essay February 13, The Spaniard and Portuguese exploration from led to the arrival in Latin America. However, once the Spaniards arrived, they exploited forced labor used by Native American predecessors.

Eventually this leads to African slave labor. Cheerleading over Time Essay Hailey Lower March, 20th, Ap World History Mr. Glueck Cheerleading traces its roots to the late 19th century, when crowds began to .

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