Direct and indirect preparation for writing in montessori

Montessori discovered — contrary to popular perception — that children will tend to develop writing before reading. Montessori later understood that this is a logical path to follow because it easier to express what is within us than to try to understand that which another person is expressing. The writing stage is based on the process of analysis while the stage of reading is based on the process of synthesis- a process that requires greater mental maturity than analysis. The processes occur separately in the child and that is the reason that writing and reading are independent from one another.

Direct and indirect preparation for writing in montessori

Introduction Reading should be an exciting discovery for the child and can occur in a similar way as the child discovered writing.

He may be looking at what he has written and realize that he can read what he wrote. When reading is discovered and not taught, the child can have a lifelong love of reading.

Reading allows the child to connect with the thoughts of others from the past and the present. It helps the child develop his personality and his intellect. The child will read to get information in the same way they see the older children and adults of their society do.

Some children are so excited by the ability to read, they will want to read and read and read and will do so at school and at home whenever they have the time. For the child who reads, we must provide a number of good books. We need to be sure we have a great variety.

Children enjoy books about people, other places, about animals and birds and flowers, about events from the past and about everyday life. The child recognizes the enormity of information possible to get from reading. He must be able to write the language, read the language and without reading, the person is not fully independent.

Mastery of writing and reading makes it possible for the child to see the wonders that come from the thoughts of others and the enjoyment that comes from finding out those things we are highly interested in.

If this does not happen, there are two stages of reading. The first is when the child learns the mechanics of reading.

Direct and indirect preparation for writing in montessori

The child will be given the experience and keys needed to master the language. The first key being that a sound can be represented by symbols.

By seeing the symbols and putting the sounds together, the child can come to finding a word that has meaning. As the child practices reading he will masters the mechanics, and will move to greater and greater ease of reading.

The second stage is when the child reaches the level of total reading. The reading program offers the child grammar and syntax that helps him interpret what he reads.

At this level the child not only understand the meaning of the words but grasps the whole meaning of the text. The indirect preparations for reading are the same as for writing in the preparation for the mind.

Everything the child has been working with up until this time with Practical Life and Sensorial materials help the child to read. Indirect preparation in the language area is also of extremely importance for reading.Language Arts Manual Volume Montessori Research and Development © CHAPTER 4 DIRECT PREPARATION FOR READING.

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We're the online publication lucky enough to publish these outstanding projects. Direct And Indirect Preparation For Writing In Montessori. DIRECT AND INDIRECT In this section, We are going to see How the conversion of Direct to Indirect Speech and Indirect to Direct Speech is done?

We may report the words of a speaker in two ways. 1. Direct Speech We may quote the actual words of the speaker as it is. One of the hidden gems of Montessori education is the “indirect preparation” children receive by working with the practical life and sensorial materials.

Indirect preparation is the process by which children engage in satisfying, developmentally appropriate work that also provides the experiential foundation for future learning. Teaching: The Most Important Profession - I believe that teaching is the most important profession in the world.

How else can we continue to develop in such a technical world, or in any other way, for that matter. The Montessori Method of Indirect Preparation for Reading and Writing. Lena L. Gitter pencils contrasting color Cornell University Cylinders vary dressing frames duplicate Exercises of practical Explosion into Writing GEOMETRIC CABINET geometrical forms geometrical insets Grace and Courtesy graded graduated hands height and diameter .

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