Discipleship coursework

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Discipleship coursework

No matter what your intended field, the online Masters in Divinity will provide a pathway for preparedness in all aspects of ministry, discipleship, and Christian administration.

Our Master of Divinity online will ensure that you have the essential values, knowledge, and skills needed to serve Christ and further His kingdom.

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Those who are coming to ministry after having completed a non-ministry related Bachelor Degree will find all of the foundational studies needed for successful ministry. If you feel underequipped for the challenges in your current ministry role or want to transition into full-time professional ministry, the online Masters in Divinity will be an excellent program for you.


What are the Benefits of pursuing our Master of Divinity Online? Our Master of Divinity is the most comprehensive graduate-level seminary program available to ministers, missionaries, and ministry professionals. Those with shorter graduate-level seminary degrees may find that most or all of their previous coursework will be transferred to the M.

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Institutional Challenge Exams ICE are available to test out of foundational biblical and theological studies content for the online M. The core of our online M. To enhance your biblical understanding, the Master of Divinity will train you in the use of common language tools for word studies and in-depth research.

You can also dive into the original Greek and Hebrew texts through language-specific courses. By pursuing the M.Educational Ministry Welcome to the ministry of Christian education and formation.

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We believe that this ministry is the foundation for lifelong learning and growth toward a . HIGH QUALITY & AFFORDABLE DEGREES. Regent University offers high-quality online degree programs to make earning your degree more accessible and affordable.

Discipleship coursework

Philosophy of Education. And Jesus increased in wisdom, and stature and in favor with God and man. -Luke The Watersprings School Philosophy of Education is based on the truth that God’s word is the standard for all truth, and that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and authoritative work of God.

Refuge Discipleship School Abe has a deep love for the arts and an appreciation for all things creative. He is also gifted in pulling out the creativity in those around him.

Bachelors degrees are constructed of two interrelated areas: (1) the ISOM Core component, which is the basis for all ISOM degrees with courses that offer training to turn churches into training centers, and then into church-planting centers; and (2) an additional Module component, which explores a specific area of ministry or captures the teaching of a single ministry leader.

The Word of Life Bible Institute is a two-year, non degree granting institution accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian colleges and schools (TRACS) and recognized by most Christian colleges and Universities.

- The Meaning of Discipleship In this piece of coursework I will be writing about the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples, and for Christians today. A disciple is someone who believes in and helps to spread the teachings of another.

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