Dog rescue business plan

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Dog rescue business plan

Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and torn CCLs are well known to Berner owners. First Aid Class The proud alumni of our canine first aid class pose with their practice dogs after graduation. Thanks to Candy for arranging this educational program.

dog rescue business plan

Bernerfiesta Bernerfiesta this year was at Don and Lori's home and their hospitality was terrific. They also held CGC testing with four dogs earning their titles.

Kristen with "Clementine" keeping cool in her evaporative vest. Good fun for a great cause.

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Thanks to Buffy and Mike for organizing this meetup. It was founded in October, Members includes people who are involved in breeding, showing, and all areas of training, as well as those whose Berners are cherished family members.

What kinds of programs and services do they offer? General club meetings are held every other month. Since the majority of club members live in the Colorado Front Range area between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, they hold most meetings at a central location in the Denver area.

All general meetings include both a business meeting and sometimes an educational program of general interest. Past programs have covered a wide range of topics related to health, behavior, training, showing, grooming, and breeding.

Most of their social activities are designed to include dogs. Their big event of the year is the summer Bernerfiesta, a potluck picnic that includes activities for the entire family.

Because of the Berner's large size, most owners find some obedience training to be a necessity. Starting training early, before a puppy has attained adult size and assertiveness, makes the process much easier.

As part of the BMDCR's effort to promote responsible ownership among its members, the club strongly encourages all members to give their dogs at least basic obedience training.

To help Berner owners appreciate their dogs' many abilities, they have offered clinics on basic obedience training and solving problem behaviors, as well as agility workshops, an ongoing series of draft carting classes, and several herding instinct certification tests.

At the annual Awards Banquet, they recognize BMDCR dogs who have earned titles in all areas during the previous year, as well as those who have performed public service--for example, as therapy dogs. In conjunction with the show, they also offer a variety of activities e.

The National Specialty is an annual Berner-only AKC show, hosted each year by a different regional club, which draws an entry of several hundred Bernese Mountain Dogs and their owners from all over the United States and Canada.

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Specialties include conformation, obedience, tracking, a draft test, and an agility trial, as well as educational programs and fun activities. They held their first independent draft test in and they typically offer this event bi-annually in Colorado every year.

The BMDCR is committed to educating the general public about Bernese in particular and about responsible dog ownership in general.

The Public Education Coordinator handles hundreds of requests a year from people seeking information about the breed. The also maintain a web site and Facebook page. BMDCR members frequently participate in educational showcases for the general public and actively seek out opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of having a well-trained dog, through participation in such activities as obedience and carting demonstrations, parades, and pet therapy.

dog rescue business plan

For those who are looking for a Berner puppy, the Public Education Coordinator maintains a list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in the Rocky Mountain region who have, or are planning, litters. Older dogs may occasionally also be available.

Help for new Berner owners: If you are dealing with a problem situation with your dog--whether related to health, behavior, or training--the BMDCR has experienced people who can advise you.

They can also refer you to training classes in your area. The BMDCR is committed to helping breeders produce the best Bernese Mountain Dogs possible, whether show dogs, working dogs, or pets--dogs that not only conform to the breed standard but that are also both physically and temperamentally sound.

They can help the novice breeder decide whether a dog is of breeding quality, as well as provide advice about stud selection, breeding, whelping, puppy rearing, placement, and contracts. Breeders who are members in good standing of the BMDCR and whose litters meet certain basic requirements can have their litters listed with the Breeder Referral Service.

The BMDCR actively supports research and data collection efforts toward the goal of eliminating several serious health problems that afflict Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The International BMD Database was started in the 's by the San Francisco Bay Berners, another regional club, to collect data on health problems, longevity, and other concerns in the breed.4 Luv of Dog Rescue thanks the On Shore Foundation for their recent grant in the amount of $ The On Shore Foundation supports over volunteer run non-profit organizations across the country that work in the areas of animal welfare, wildlife preservation and animal population control.

This page outlines the role canine search teams perform as part of the overall Urban Search & Rescue teams.

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Overview. National US&R Response System Canine Search Teams (handler and canine) play a critical role during structural collapse incidents. Chanute, KS Animal Shelter Business Plan 9 The spaces outlined above should be organized around the concept of work, play, and learning that is secure for animals as outlined in the American Humane Association’s Planning and Building an Animal Shelter guide .

Think of the business plan as a roadmap to keeping the organization on track, achieving your goals and fulfilling your mission. Strategically planning for your rescue group will help ensure that your organization is around to help animals for many years to come. Goodbye from Big Dog Rescue IMPORTANT MESSAGE The truth about Chester.

For those of you who have not heard, Chester, the last of four dogs who were surrendered to us 2½ years ago, has died.

The typical flap on a doggy door is usually soft vinyl or rubber, which means it expands at the top and the tensile strength of the material eventually wears out over time, causing it to tear open at the top and either fail completely or make a hole that lets the outside weather and bugs in.

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