Excel assignment 1

Enter the code bundled with your textbook to access the website at http: Enter your user name in this format: You can purchase MyITLab access code separate from the textbook.

Excel assignment 1

Most of these topics are included in the required readings; some are not. Here's another site that might be helpful in finding information on a topic not included in the required readings. You're not required to read through each lesson, but you might find some of the individual lessons useful: Excel Tutorial If you liked the first two Audio Tutorials, here's a Excel assignment 1 to a Microsoft site that has many more audio tutorials covering various Excel topics: Additional Resources There are lots of great on-line resources for working with Excel.

Some of these resources are available through the links I've made available in the Excel Section of the Reference Links and Tutorials document. Use these to supplement the required readings and to follow your interests. If you find other websites that you find useful, please share them with the class by posting them on the discussion board.

In this assignment you must create a payroll worksheet. Please refer to the instructions below for the assignment requirements.

Creating The Workbook Create the payroll report displayed below. Use formatting as displayed in the below report; columns must be widened as needed, cell wrapping must be used for the column headings, dates must be formatted as displayed, numeric values must be formatted as displayed.

Use cell bordering where I've used bordering and use cell patterns fill color where I have. You don't have to use the same border or the same color, but you must use this formatting feature in the spreadsheet.

Make it appealing to the eye. Be sure to use the appropriate numeric formatting for all numeric values; i. Be sure to use copying whenever possible and absolute cell referencing whenever necessary. Efficiency will be considered in the grading process The today function must be used to display the current date in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet The columns that must contain calculations are: Regular Pay is calculated by multiplying the regular hours by the hourly rate.

Overtime Pay is calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the overtime rate and then multiplying that by the overtime hours. Gross Pay is calculated by adding the regular pay and the overtime pay Column I: Your formulas must reference the cell, they must not contain the actual rate.

You must also apply absolute cell references in this formula so that it can easily be copied. Make sure that the sheet fits on one page, and the sheet includes gridlines on the printout.This assignment was locked Oct 2, at pm. Please read the supplemental instructions in the Assignment sheet below to note changes to textbook.

Excel assignment 1

All other instructions come directly from . MS Excel Exercise 1: Formulas & Functions Create a Spreadsheet that calculates statistics regarding the number of students enrolled at Armstrong Twp.

High School during a 5 year time period. Microsoft Excel with an Office subscription is the latest version of Excel.

Excel assignment 1

Previous versions include Excel , Excel , Excel , and Excel Excel is compatible with Windows 10, Windows , and Windows 7. INSTRUCTIONS: This assignment is designed to demonstrate your proficiency with Excel This exercise will require you to start an Excel spreadsheet, setup the structure of your worksheet, use formulas, make a graph and prepare the report for printing.

The Projects. Individual Projects Excel Chapter 3, Project 1 – Freeze Panes. Learning Objectives: In this project, you are expected to be able to freeze panes and format numbers (Ex: 45 to $45). You are an accounting clerk for the Rwanda Computer Manufacture.

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Excel Assignment 3 Sections Note: These have been renumbered. This used to be Assignment 2. Expected value (mean) of a random variable: Histogram of a random variable: Variance and standard deviation of a random variable: Checking the empirical rule for a random variable.

C/IL Assignment 1 - Excel