How to write a view in sql server 2008

Views could be looked as an additional layer on the table which enables us to protect intricate or sensitive data based upon our needs. Since views are an additional layer sure they do add an overhead but there is a tradeoff for situations when they are of great help. As we proceed, we will try to learn more about them not by theoretical explanation but by some practical examples.

How to write a view in sql server 2008

Use this statement to create a view of the data in one or more tables in the database. For example, a view can be used for the following purposes: To focus, simplify, and customize the perception each user has of the database.

As a security mechanism by allowing users to access data through the view, without granting the users permissions to directly access the underlying base tables. To provide a backward compatible interface to emulate a table whose schema has changed.

Conditionally alters the view only if it already exists. View names must follow the rules for identifiers. Specifying the view owner name is optional.

A column name is required only when a column is derived from an arithmetic expression, a function, or a constant; when two or more columns may otherwise have the same name, typically because of a join; or when a column in a view is specified a name different from that of the column from which it is derived.

AS Specifies the actions the view is to perform. The statement can use more than one table and other views.

Appropriate permissions are required to select from the objects referenced in the SELECT clause of the view that is created.

SQL Server: SUM Function

A view does not have to be a simple subset of the rows and columns of one particular table. Encrypts the entries in sys. The view definition itself must first be modified or dropped to remove dependencies on the table that is to be modified. All referenced objects must be in the same database.

Otherwise, the Database Engine raises an error. This metadata enables the client-side APIs to implement updatable client-side cursors. Browse-mode metadata includes information about the base table that the columns in the result set belong to. For more information about updatable views, see Remarks.

Remarks A view can be created only in the current database. A view can have a maximum of 1, columns. When querying through a view, the Database Engine checks to make sure that all the database objects referenced anywhere in the statement exist and that they are valid in the context of the statement, and that data modification statements do not violate any data integrity rules.

Creating a view, by example

A check that fails returns an error message.You can create several different types of views in SQL Server , including standard views, indexed views, and partitioned views.

An indexed view has a unique clustered index defined on it that causes the view to be materialized. I have created a T-SQL query in SQL Server R2 that is a customization.

how to write a view in sql server 2008

The code works great as a T-SQL query and returns the correct information. Being new to coding, I was happy with the way SQL returns the data for my query.

Gain the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server in this course that incorporates material from the Official Microsoft Learning Product (OMLP) Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL.

SQL Server , SQL Server , SQL Server R2, SQL Server , SQL Server Example - With Single Field Let's look at some SQL Server SUM function examples and explore how to use the SUM function in SQL Server (Transact-SQL).

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