Influence of visul entertainment media in american culture essay

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Influence of visul entertainment media in american culture essay

The Renaissance influence in America brought about a new focus on humanism and as a result, a subsequent turning away from the dominant ideals put forth by the church. Although religion was still of the greatest influence throughout the period of the Renaissance, the dawning recognition of human potential and scientific inquiry shaped the course of Western history and does still influence contemporary American culture today.

Principles of realism, particularly as they appeared in terms of art and literature have remained vital in all aspects of American society and figures such as Boccaccio, da Vinci, Machiavelli, and others live on and influence the way we view our world today.

Before the Renaissance, writers generally tended to focus on issues of a religious nature. Countless texts instructed readers about how to live a pious life and discussed Christian heroes. The Renaissance brought about influence to new writers who sought to break with this tradition and present a more realistic version of life.

Several authors from the Renaissance period had a significant effect on contemporary American society, especially in terms of either literary style and meaning as well as political thought.

Influence of visul entertainment media in american culture essay

Boccaccio deviated from the Renaissance norms of creating lofty characters who dealt with larger than life issues and instead sought to create characters who were witty, down to earth, and appealing to the average person. His masterpiece, The Decameron is a collection of tales that center around a group of guests gathered at a house during the Black Plague.

They all relate stories to one another to pass the time and each of the stories deals with issues the Renaissance reader would be familiar with. Another author who turned away from presenting readers with lofty pre-Renaissance characters and situations was Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli.

In this text he discusses the way a leader must appear to this public; as being an almost holy and reverent figure, but one who could commit an evil act if necessary.

The term Machiavellian has remained present in contemporary American culture and describes someone who is willing to commit an evil act for personal gain. Even though this term is not completely accurate in terms of The Prince, the word has remained and so have some of the ideas about how a leader should behave.

In terms of contributions to contemporary American society, few other Renaissance figures are as prominent as Leonardo da Vinci. Not only was he a revolutionary artist and thinker, but he pioneered several advances which we take for granted today. As an artist, da Vinci sought to represent realism in several forms, most notably that of the human figure.

Instead of always painting the lofty and grandiose religious figures which he still did some of he often sought to show the true human spirit. A painting such as Mona Lisa is still a recurring image in popular culture but there is a deeper significance to its longevity in contemporary society.

Da Vinci was one the first painters to showcase a realist tendency in his painting.

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This tradition in art has lived on and can still be found throughout the art and even literary world. In addition to his paintings that drew off of scientific observation, da Vinci also pioneered some of the first studies of human anatomy as well as a number of other scientific developments.

In sum, his work has influenced contemporary American culture and thought because it shows the power of empiricism in all endeavors—even those that are essentially creative.

Da Vinci showed that art and science can be combined and one need only look to new technologies, such as realistic video games that feature highly realistic characters that are affected by physics within a simulated world.The Social Influences of the Visual Entertainment Media Words | 2 Pages.

American culture has a bi-directional relationship with the visual media, in which expressions in television and film manifest in society but social norms also manifest on the screen. Culture provides media with sources for content. All contents are derived from culture including entertainment, news and advertisement.

4. Media and culture are in correlation: Communication media are hand down values and norms of culture, culture hands down media contents (discourse). Influence of Entertainment Media Essay. A+. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay The various forms of entertainment media have shaped American culture and its values. Upon the discovery of the United States of America, books, games, and music were the main forms of entertainment. It is no secret that. This paper provides an overview of the positive and negative effects of new mass media Since the early s, the trends of new media both displacing magazines as well as spurring magazine sales and introductions are evident through the introduction of feature films, sound recordings, radio, television, computers, and the World Wide Web.

INFLUENCE OF ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PAPER 2 Influence of Entertainment Media Paper Entertainment media has conveyed numerous benefits and challenges to American culture and has transformed the way we interconnect with each other.

Over time society has evolve with the advance of technology. Entertainment media has helped different cultures understand and allow a glimpse into %(22).

The Renaissance had a profound influence on the course of the development of modern American society, culture, and, since it is a natural extension of both, artistic expression. The Renaissance influence in America brought about a new focus on humanism and as a result, a subsequent turning away from the dominant ideals put forth by the church.

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