Introduction of job satisfaction

Today every organization has to face highly competition. Therefore organizations try to do right thing at the right time. In that situation HRM plays major roll to achieve organizational goals. Satisfaction is the one of major concept in Human Resource Management.

Introduction of job satisfaction

Under a Creative Commons license Abstract In an environment of tension and division of labor such as Healthcare Services, the performance of employees is one of the most basic challenges.

The reason is that performance as a phenomenon is closely related to aspects of effectiveness, knowledge management and quality from one side and to management, financing and development of the organization from the other.

Especially for doctors and nurses performance issues are inextricably linked to patient safety.

Introduction of job satisfaction

The international literature shows that a large number of factors influence employee performance such as satisfaction from the profession, work environment, compensation policies, etc.

In this work we try to analyze the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. The analysis takes place in the National Centre of Public Administration and Local Government during the training process, where a questioner with 7-Likert scale is distributed to personnel nurses.

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The analysis is taking place between job satisfaction parameters versus self-job performance parameters. Principal components analysis suggests that for job satisfaction the most important parameters are based on their weights: For the self - job performance most important parameters are based on their weights: Previous article in issue.Research Project: Employee Job Satisfaction.

Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Presentation & Analysis and Conclusion & Recommendations. Under Introduction, it has given a detailed introduction to the scope of the business and has identified the problem which will be treated under the research.

Job satisfaction is an. INTRODUCTION Background of the study Job satisfaction describes the feelings attitudes or preference of individuals regarding work. It indicates how content an individual is towards his or her work.

(Armstrong, ) defines job. Job Satisfaction is a part of life satisfaction. The nature of one’s environment of job is an important part of life as Job Satisfaction influences one’s general life satisfaction.


Job Satisfaction, thus, is the result of various attitudes possessed by an employee.5/5(7). Job satisfaction is a worldwide issue and a diversity of research is going on to help organizations in understanding the job satisfaction and thereby resolve the related problems.

Designing volunteers’ tasks to maximize motivation, satisfaction and performance: The impact of job characteristics on volunteer engagement. Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job; An affective reaction to one’s job, An attitude towards one’s job, Job satisfaction is an attitude but points out that researchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation, which are affect (emotion), beliefs and behaviors.

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