Nature our friend essay writing

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Nature our friend essay writing

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The plants own natural state of love, joy and pride, is the core essence of Life.

This is the understanding we all need to free ourselves from limiting thought forms. The new consciousness contains a great love both for the planet and the nature.

The new thinking will make us change our attitudes to plants and animals that continuously give us gifts. Many people on Earth have taken the nature for granted. It is here as en obvious part of life, it seems, and very few of us have really noticed how many gifts we are receiving from plants and animals.

Every single particle in what we eat is conscious. Everything we take into our bodies comes from nature! The development has now entered a new track. We will all soon feel the connection to nature in a new way and start giving thanks to the specific plants that we love to eat and use as a part of our life, for example cotton an linen.

Importance of Nature in Our Life – Short Essay, Speech, Paragraph Writing, Article

It is really a gift from the plants to us. The Earth is an interesting planet for beings from many dimensions because it is very special… because we have water and we have the rich life in nature as a consequence of that. This is an enormous abundance, consisting or the light particles of our solar system.

It is really time to appreciate that we live on the most precious planet in our galaxy.

Essay on nature our best friend

The journey through the suffering and separation is soon over. The next years to come, we all will open our eyes for the true gifts of nature. It will lead us to new choices.

Nature our friend essay writing

When we chose to incarnate in physical body, one of our goals is to enjoy nature because this is the only planet where we can do it. When we one day move on, our love for nature and our ability to visualize what it looks like, make us able to create trees and flowers in our gardens in higher dimensions We live on a planet where we originally have developed from simple beings, like Darwin discovered.

The human race is what it is because we were transformed from Neanderthals by creating masters that originally came from other civilizations in our galaxy thousands of years ago.

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Many a poets have described nature in its full beauty. If we live hand in hand with nature we can avoid being stressed. As we all know stress is the prime cause of all diseases.

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