Persuasive essay on junk food in school

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Persuasive essay on junk food in school

On top of all this, computers have made it even worse, as all children do is eat junk food and spend their free time playing computer games. Furthermore, children are not able to develop their life skills and harm their health by eating junk food, filled with harmful calories.

As a result, due to present circumstances, physical education classes should be required for all public school students in all grades. The foremost benefit of physical education courses in public schools is that it promotes general health.

A typical teenager today spends much more time in front of a PC or TV, on a regular basis, than doing physical exercise.

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Keeping this in mind, researchers have found out that exercise has maximum benefit if done regularly. Furthermore, learning about the importance of physical fitness it not only helps students stay fit, but also helps them to remain healthy throughout their lifetime.

Besides promoting general health, physical education teaches children transferable life skills. As children start to exercise or play games, they start to socialize in society among other children. Furthermore, playing games, they actually become a part of a team and start to learn about teamwork, by developing their confidence and leadership qualities.

They also learn about the benefits of healthy competition. The third reason why physical education should be required in schools is that children can be better trained effectively, efficiently, and faster under a trained professional.

Even though children can get exercise at home, trained physical education teachers can teach more effectively than parents. Furthermore, physical education teachers can usually point a student toward the sport that is more appropriate, as they monitor a student's progress on a daily basis.

Also schools generally have the appropriate facilities and equipment to aid in better results, rather then exercise done at home. However inspite of all the benefits of physical education in public schools, some parents claim that only academic subjects should be taught in school, as physical games might be a distraction for students.

Therefore, it becomes the school's duty to ensure that children are healthy in both mind and body. In conclusion, one can see that as children are growing obese, physical education is becoming more of a necessity than an elective in public schools.

Physical education has often been downplayed as a minor part of daily school life and not been considered necessary. However, if its benefits are taken into account and if schools adopt a twelve-year fitness plan, the positive results will foster a new awareness of not only physical fitness but also communication skills.

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Apr 02,  · In conclusion, junk food should be ban for the sake of the kids and also the parents. It would save the parents a lot of money for them to make lunch for their kids to bring to school.

Persuasive essay on junk food in school

Now in hoping that the kids would eat Yancy Docq. Before moving to the list of interesting persuasive essay topics, a student should know it is a type of academic writing assignment, which explains a certain problem and tries to convince the reader in the writer’s opinion.

The point should sound the most logical and valid.

Persuasive essay on junk food in school

Should Schools Ban Junk Food and Sodas? 1.

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Should Schools Ban Junk Food and Sodas?By Mrs. Wilson 2. In the past 2 years, over a dozen states have considered legislation limiting the availability of junk food in schools.

Some people feel that banning junk food is totally unnecessary and is an over reaction to a small problem. Essay reports crimes assignment for essay, essay a true friend zone essay about dating dog in hindi in my community essay inspirational person question essay writing english topics.

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Argumentative or persuasive essay junk food school