Quick thinking saves the day

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Quick thinking saves the day

Uran finished 81st in the same time as stage winner Fernando Gaviria. In contrast, Ilnur Zakarin, who failed to tell his Katusha-Alpecin teammates via radio that he had crash, lost 59 seconds, a serious blow to his overall hopes in the Tour de France.

Quick thinking saves the day

The US-based WorldTour squad know they dodged a bullet and showed their strength and unity as a team. When you put all that together, it means you have a really switched-on team. In addition, to that, you clearly have a very selfless team that is very nice too.

It's something to be proud of. It was like a cyclo-cross change: Martinez is in his debut season at WorldTour level but clearly knows how to react in any race situation. It just went right. I saw Zakarin was in the crash and he lost time.

The rapid reaction and work of the whole team meant Rigo didn't lose a single second. Martinez was involved in an altercation with a motorist in Italy in late March but recovered quickly to finish third overall at the Tour of California.

A huge talent for the future

Rigo helped me step up from Wilier Triestina to WorldTour level. I'm just happy to have done what I could," Martinez said. Vaughters is convinced that Martinez can go far in professional cycling. He is a Colombian climber but has the same up-beat, but relaxed attitude that helps Uran to perform so well in Grand Tours.

For now, Martinez is just happy to be riding for Uran at the Tour de France. Jonathan gave me the opportunity and I so I'll always be grateful to him and to Rigo. I hope to do my best for team and for myself.

It's great to be here. I think Rigo can do as well if not better than his second place last year. We're riding the Tour to win. Siempre agradecido de poder contar con personas tan profesionalesQuick Reference Clinical Chiropractic Handbook [Nikita A.

Flight Attendant’s Quick Thinking Saves Passenger From Terrifying Fate | Absolutely Connected

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Logical format. Quick thinking saves the day: Peter Hostiles shared a link to the group: | The Hacker Quarterly. May 17 · A happy fluffy hacking story: caninariojana.com Student's Engineering Skills And Quick Thinking Saved A Man's Life Mid-Flight.

If you suddenly fall ill on a long-haul flight, you're probably hoping there is a doctor onboard. However.

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A french bulldog was rescued on a JetBlue flight by a quick-thinking airline crew and the dog’s owners have been sharing the story to thank the airline.

Mackey’s quick thinking and actions led him to climb that tree, jumped through the fiery window and saved a child’s life. He risked his own life to save someone in . School Bus Driver’s Attentiveness and Quick Thinking Saves the Day June 13, School District of Palm Beach County Bus Driver Regina Shealy recently received the Heroism Award from the Traffic Safety Committee of the Palm Beaches at the 32nd annual Traffic Safety Recognition Luncheon.

A new, experimental, tailored approach to treating cancer has rescued a breast cancer patient on the brink of death by harnessing her immune system.

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