Sample writing action plan for grad school

Or candidates for admission are required to hold a master degree from an accredited institution, at least 3 three graduate credit hours or 6 six undergraduate credits hour in each of the following: Doctor of Chiropractic Candidates for admission to the DC program are required to hold a Baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3. Exceptional applicants with three years of undergraduate study 90 semester hours will be considered for admission if spaces are available. Such students will be required to complete their Baccalaureate degree from Keiser University before graduation from the DC program.

Sample writing action plan for grad school

The same report acknowledges a vicious cycle that the lack of diversity perpetuates: The persistent lag in diversity in our LIS schools, the number of librarians and library assistants leaving the profession prematurely, the aging of racial and ethnic minority library workers, and the continued under-representation of workers with disabilities, suggests a proportionally less diverse library workforce on the horizon.

In a brief article in American Libraries magazine, Keith Curry Lance looks at the differences in the levels of racial and ethnic diversity in librarian versus library assistant positions. Comparing the percentage of racial and ethnic subgroups in the US population, he finds that the distribution in library assistant positions is more or less proportional, whereas the distribution in professional librarian positions is not, the latter skewing heavily toward an overrepresentation of white people.

Why Diversity and What does it Mean?

Library assistants in academic libraries have three times as many Latino and twice as many African American staff than their MLS counterparts.

It is librarian jobs—positions that generally require a graduate degree—that see more troubling discrepancies. Research shows that the educational attainment and general life trajectory of individuals is largely a result of the socio-economic status of their parents.

A decades-long study of nearly Baltimore children illustrates how hard it is for the children of disadvantaged parents to move out of their income brackets. Also important to federal education policy history sample writing action plan for grad school its relationship to civil rights history.

In addition to the structural pressures that inhibit educational attainment in certain socio-economic, ethnic, or racial groups, there are other insidious factors working against our stated goals of diversity. The dominant culture of our profession, from its foundations to the present day, reinforces itself by normalizing whiteness and other forms of oppression and by marginalizing difference.

sample writing action plan for grad school

Recent research confirms the existence of this willful ignorance of bias within the dominant culture and how it plays out in practice. In a study of gender-based microaggressions, Basford et al.

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Minority academic librarians are also more likely to perceive racial microaggressions directed toward colleagues.

However, non-minority librarians are unlikely to report observing racial microaggressions. Thus there is little incentive to report such experiences to the very members of that dominant group with the potential power to do something about it.

When we refuse to recognize our own biases and the biases of others around us, our actions and their repercussions go unnoticed and therefore unexamined.

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I will illustrate this by considering the increasingly popular tool used by academic libraries to evaluate their organizational diversity, ClimateQUAL: In this article I use ClimateQUAL as a means to examine the ways that collective ignorance of the dominant group to bias and unexamined perpetuation of privilege and oppression can affect how libraries interpret the data that we collect and the way that we set priorities based on it.

Because of its focus on perceptions about what the organization values, ClimateQUAL can be a powerful tool for revealing and understanding fairness and bias within an organization. However, for a profession greatly lacking in diversity, relying on staff perceptions of demographic diversity and fairness as a proxy for organizational health might be quite problematic if not handled in an extremely thoughtful and well-informed way.

As far as housing is concerned, choice in location is still a privilege primarily enjoyed by white people. How much diversity is enough to make staff in the dominant culture, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, etc. These questions and the research that underlies them should inspire us to think more carefully about how we interpret our ClimateQUAL results.

Both the popular press and research on diversity attest to the fact that white people are unlikely to understand the lived experience of people of color and do not recognize racial bias when it occurs.

Focusing data analysis at the organizational level obscures dynamics happening within organizational subgroups, including minority identity groups.

This problem can be mitigated by further analysis, as discussed below. Instead of falling prey to confirmation bias, it is possible instead to use the results of ClimateQUAL to reveal some of our unconscious or implicit biases.

One of the most disturbing demographic questions mixes options for sexual orientation and gender identification in a single question and allows the user to choose only one or not respond at all, thereby forcing some respondents to erase a part of their self identity.

This is a good example of a microaggression. Looked at this way, the ClimateQUAL data could provide us with a rare opportunity to experience organizational bias awareness, the first step toward addressing discrimination in our organizations. In their article on corporate diversity programs from the s to the present, they acknowledge the harm done in diversifying without dismantling power differentials: They observed, innovations designed to quash managerial bias have been broadly ineffective.

Bureaucratic practices designed to eliminate managerial discretion from the hiring and promotion process have not led to increases in diversity; nor have diversity training programs designed to make managers aware of their own unconscious biases; neither have diversity performance evaluations that give managers feedback and career incentives to improve diversity.

Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries, ACRL acknowledges that moving from ignorance to awareness and then to positive action is a learning process.

That requires competency in matters of cultural pluralism that are not intuitive and must be learned, like any other essential skill.

In their article on gender bias and bias literacy, Molly Carnes et al. The importance of reducing implicit bias in the workplace cannot be overstated. Implicit intergroup bias has far-reaching negative effects in many organizational domains, including, but not limited to, selection, retention including compensation and promotion issuesteams-related issues, general work environment, and worker self-esteem and well-being….

In other words, fostering harmonious intergroup interactions is at the crux of producing the best possible outcomes in organizational productivity, organizational climate, and social justice.

Creating a culture of ongoing bias awareness, challenging individual and structural discrimination, and building organizations that truly value diversity also require leaders who are awake to the biases and oppression that are foundational to our political and socio-economic systems and to our profession.

To work alongside us, not beneath us. To create with us, not duplicate us. To reciprocate with us, not assimilate to us.Within the Ph.D. in Social Science is an optional concentration in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, supervised by an interdisciplinary group of faculty..

Within the M.A. in Social Science, students may apply directly to the concentration in Demographic and Social Analysis. Babson College has one of the top graduate MBA programs in the Boston area.

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graduated from college this year. Some are going into their post-college job search with an extensive resume, while others have no experience. Wolves football is entering the post-season with the first round being held in Carrollton on Saturday.

Basketball will have their season home openers this week with admission for the games being donated canned goods that go to those in need in the Carrollton community. Babson’s nonbinding Early Action (EA) plan is designed for applicants who view Babson as one of their top choices.

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