Short essay on elephants

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Short essay on elephants

Select Page Elephant Essay Elephant is a largest herbivorous animal on the earth. It lives in the forest and famous for its long trunk, large ear and big body. Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English We have provided below various essay on elephant in order to help students. All the elephant essay given below are written using very simple words and easy sentences under various words limit.

Students can select any of the essays given below according to their need and requirement: Elephant Essay 1 words Elephant is a very big animal. It lives in the forest however it is a pet animal also.

Some people keep it at home as a pet animal in order to earn money through circus. It is also kept in the zoo in order to enhance the glory of zoo as well as interest of kids. It has a big body with four legs like pillars, two fan like ears, a long trunk, a short tail and two small eyes.

A male elephant contains two long white teeth called as tusks. It can eat soft green leaves, plants, grains, etc.

It is very useful animal to the man and proved to be a good friend to mankind as it performs many functions such as earns money, carries heavy loads, etc. It has long life span and lives around one hundred years.

Elephant Essay 2 words Elephant is a biggest animal on the land. It is also considered as the strongest animal on the land. Generally it is a wild animal however can live as a pet animal after proper training in the zoo or with human being at home.

It has been proved a useful animal for the humanity. It is an animal with big body generally found in the grey color. Its eyes are quite small in comparison to the body. It has a long trunk and a short tail. It can pick up a range of things very easily through its trunk such as a small needle and very heavy trees or loads.

It has two long white tusks on each side of trunk. Elephants live in the jungle and generally eat small twigs, leaves, straw and wild fruits however a pet elephant can also eat bread, bananas, sugarcane, etc.

Short essay on elephants

It is a pure vegetarian wild animal. Now-a-days, they are used by the people to carry heavy loads, in the circus, lifting logs, etc. In the ancient time, they were used by the kings and dukes in the wars and battles.

It lives for long years more than years. It is very useful animal even after death bangles are made of bones and tusks. Elephant Essay 3 words Elephant is a largest animal on the land. It lives in the forest however can be a pet after proper training. It can be more than eight feet in height.

Its big and heavy body is supported by the strong pillar like legs. It takes help of its long trunk in eating leaves, plants, fruits or trees. Generally two types of elephants are found on land African scientific name is Loxodonta africana and Asian scientific name is Elephas maximus.

Its big hanging ears looks like a fan and legs like a pillar. It has a long trunk attached with mouth and two tusks each side. The trunk of an elephant is very flexible and strong and known as a multi-purpose organ.Essay on Elephant Short Essay on Elephant.

Following are the short essay on elephant for students under words limit of , and words. Students can use any of these elephant essay according to their need and requirement in the schools. Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants Essay Words 5 Pages Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants “Hills Like White Elephants”, by Ernest Hemingway, is a short story published in that takes place in a train station in Spain with a man and a woman discussing an operation.

Essay on Elephants - The Essay includes the history and characteristics of elephant and it lifestyle, food habits and few more.

Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English. We have provided below various essay on elephant in order to help students. Now-a-days, essays and paragraphs writing are more common strategy followed by the teachers in the schools and colleges in order to enhance student’s skill and knowledge about any subject.

Elephants live in the jungle. Essay On Elephants – When we think of intelligent beings on earth, one instantly remembers the majestic elephant. Elephants are among the largest animals on earth; classified as – mammals family is Elephantidae and Order is Proboscidea..

The Elephants can grow upto mtrs in height and can weigh more than kgs! Essay On The Elephant For School Students. Article shared by. The elephant is a very huge animal. It is ugly also.

It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. A short story on Elephants for kids ; Career Opportunities and Prospects in Advertising that Ensures High Remuneration.

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