Winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay

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Winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay

Hire Writer Those workers who retained their jobs were agitated for a considerable amount of wages to balance their standard of living with inflation. But those who were not given such grew restless across Canada and talks of forming a One Big Union to subsequently oppose capitalism were conceived.

The concept of forming such was inspired by the Russian Revolution and the rise of the British Labour Party. As a consequence, the metal workers moved for a strike by the beginning of May.

The move quickly caught the attention and sympathy of the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council or WTLC, which was the umbrella organization of all local labor groups.

The WTLC members unanimously endorsed the plight of the metal workers and eventually called for a nationwide strike on May It brought Canada to witness the biggest strike over an industrial conflict with such magnitude compassing almost 30, workers- most of them were strategically and locally positioned at the center of the economy.

The strike was opposed by politicians and the business class, and was considered by some as the product of the radical aliens who wanted to undermine and cause restlessness to political and social values. It was perceived as a conspiracy aimed to dismantle the foundation of the nation To counter act the strike, they created a committee of One Thousand to restore the order and challenge the strikers: The federal government also acted on deporting British —born strike leaders through the Immigration Act.

It was a big event in such a way the activity went on national and international news. During the six-week strike, several leaders of the Central Strike Committee were apprehended and jailed outside the city.

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This made the WTLC furious and defied the ban on conducting parades. The members actually protested in front of the city hall wherein they were dispersed by the federal troops and the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.

The event was termed Bloody Saturday. The metal workers returned to their respective works with no pay increase.

Winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay

Some, belonging to the other work- force, were rehired only after making a pledge that they will not participate to any forms of protest. The others were deported, imprisoned, and lost their jobs. Though the workers did not meet their demands, the strike proved to be invaluable to the Canadian work force.

Legislation soon created an act that obliged employers to honor and recognized the right of the workers for collective bargaining through their union. Eventually in11 labor candidates won a slate in the Manitoba legislature, 4 of them were strike leaders. At that year, a person named James Woodsworth, was the pioneer independent Labor MP elected at Ottawa and then later became the founding leader of the so- called Co- operative Commonwealth Federation, now known as the New Democratic Party today.

The General Strike of proved to be the turning point in the Canadian labor force. The event made legislators to create an act for the plight of the workers in terms of collective bargaining through their union.

The event resulted in formidable changes in the working conditions of the Canadian work force and left an influential legacy in the heart and mind of the workers. How to cite this page Choose cite format:The Winnipeg General Strike happened in was finally ended without substantial payback to the strikers, but experts still approved the invisible positive effects in long term of run.

Introduction Winnipeg general strike Essay Winnipeg General Strike The.

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We will write a custom essay sample on The Radical Alien And The Winnipeg General Strike Of specifically for you for only $ $/page. The Winnipeg General Strike was a landmark in North America.

Winnipeg general strike of 1919 essay

The strike officially began on May 15th, at AM and continued until late June, , and approximately 35, workers, basically the entire workforce of Winnipeg, walked off their jobs, risking their entire lives (Naylor, ).

The Winnipeg General Strike was a turning point in history as it was and illegal six week stand with a collation of general public workers organized to bargain against the workplace in manners of a strike.

The Winnipeg general strike is referred to as Canada's largest general strike, it is a key event in Canadian history as it lasted 6 weeks and sparked multiple supportive strikes across Canada.

Of which were called in Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, Vancouver, New Westminster, Victoria, and in as many as 20 other towns scattered across Canada.

Winnipeg general strike of essay about myself