Writing and publishing a book costs at texas

Frequently Asked Questions How long does it take to publish a book?

Writing and publishing a book costs at texas

They are readers, and their input should be considered that of readers, not of editors.

writing and publishing a book costs at texas

Please send her my way. Was she a developmental editor? Rasine Majoring in English and being in the honors program does not an experienced editor make.

We need to support writers, editors, copyeditors, designers, everyone in the supply chain, and pay them fair wages, just like we expect readers to buy our books for a fair price.

The people controlling the online platforms. There are skilled people out there getting into these fields who can do great things if given the chance. Yes, writers, artists, creators of all kinds need to be paid correctly for their services.

But we all need to work together. They border on being con-artist. You keep plugging away. Even though the professional costs were a bit high for me, I needed all your conversations. You have encouraged me to really focus in on putting out not-only quantified but qualified material.

Everyone who is agreeing with this article seems to be an editor with high end pricing. Have you had soaring book sales? Didi you not have developmental or substantive editing done?

Even if you had only copy editing, the fastest copy editing goes at about eight pages per hour. What editor can live on that? What editor can take care and pride in their work for what amounts to babysitting wages? Arlene Prunkl Sorry for the typo.

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I was typing in a state of shock. The remaining hours should be spent on administrative and marketing tasks. Nobody can live on that. Arlene Prunkl Lauryn April First, book sales may correlate with good editing, but they are not the cause of them.

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To say that my editor did an amazing job is to say that she was thorough and I was pleased with her work. Which is why I hired someone who is in a similar place as I am in their career.

You obviously have a career as an editor. Some of the rest of us still have day jobs, and I do hope that one day I am in the place to pay my editor more.

writing and publishing a book costs at texas

You say what editor can take pride in their work for that, but you expect a writer to take pride in their work for far less. For most people, writing fiction in particular is not a primary source of income.

Professional editors do not. We edit for a living, and that means we need to make a living wage. I love everything about what I do. I love helping writers improve their work. I love the opportunity to have input on stories that will be shared with the public.

I would love it even if I did it for free.Customer is an author that is looking to have a graphics designer complete an Amazon publishing graphics template for printing the front, side and back of a book to be published.

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